Frequently asked questions

Plant Care

Plant Care

How big does my planter need to be?

The planter should be at least 14” in diameter, and ideally no more than 16” in diameter.

How do I care for my plants?

Plant the combinations the day you receive them, and give the plants a thorough watering. When the top inch of soil feels dry or the plants begin to wilt, water them again. Feed the plants with Miracle-Gro® plant food after about 4 weeks. Note that plant care will vary from shipment to shipment.

Do I need soil for the planter?

Depending on the planter you use, you may need to fill it with enough potting soil so your new plants sit comfortably just beneath the rim. We recommend using Miracle-Gro® Potting Mix.

How do I plant my arrangements?

The plants arrive already arranged, in a tray with soil. Press the tray into the soil at the top of the planter to make an indentation. Lift out and recycle the plastic tray and nestle the arrangement into the planter. Repeat with the other tray and planter. Water the plants as directed.

If my plants arrive and they look a little tired after their trip, what should I do?

We recommend that you take a photo, then plant and water them as directed. Let them get used to their new surroundings for 5 days. If they don’t perk up, take another photo and get in touch with us. We’ll make sure you’re happy.

How do I know how much to water my plant?

Once the arrangements are in your planter, soak them with water. Soak them again when any of the plants begin to wilt or when the soil feels dry. Poking your finger one inch into the soil in a few places around the plants will help you know when it’s time.

What comes with a Knock! Knock! box?

We provide two plant trays curated by our horti-futurists. Please note that your plants will not ship at full size. This allows for the plants reach to your door safely and ready to flourish.

You will need two planters 14-16” in diameter, potting mix to plant the trays, and plant food to keep your plants strong. We recommend Miracle Gro® Potting Mix and Miracle Gro® Plant Food for the best results.

Shipping, Billing & Account

Where can I ship a Knock! Knock! subscription?

Knock! Knock! ships everywhere in the contiguous U.S. Unfortunately we can't ship to Alaska and Hawaii at this time. Shipping dates vary according to local climates. We regret that this item cannot be shipped to PO Boxes.

I've placed an order but I don't have an account. How do I create an account?

If you have an existing order but do not have an account on file, click on 'Profile' then select the 'Create Account' link. Use the email address you placed your previous order with, and enter a new password. Any past purchases made with that email address will appear in your account.

Why do I need to create an account with my subscription purchase?

Creating an account is the easiest way to manage your subscription preferences and update your shipping and personal information after placing an order.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is included in the subscription price.

How do I change my address?

Go to the account page and click “Manage Subscriptions.” Click on the “Edit” link next to the address you’d like to change.

How do I cancel my Knock! Knock! subscription?

Go to the account page and click “Manage Subscriptions.” Click on the “Cancel” link next to the subscription(s) you’d like to cancel.

If I'm not happy with my plants, can I get a refund?

We are happy to discuss a refund of your Knock! Knock! arrangement. If something didn't turn out the way you wanted, please call us at 866-771-5349 so we can understand more about your concerns.

When will my Knock! Knock! plants arrive?

We ship your Knock! Knock! plant trays at the perfect planting time for your climate zone. Trays will arrive while in the early growing stages to compensate for their shipping journey—but will be ready to flourish upon delivery!

Our general shipping windows are:

  • Spring: March through April
  • Summer: June through July
  • Fall: September through October
See the footer for more information about when our next season is shipping to your state.

Can I give a subscription to a friend?

Yes. Just make sure we have your friend’s address, so we can choose the best plants for the region. You can choose to give one, two, or three seasons.