We all need a helping hand from time to time. Find answers to the questions we get asked most and grow like a pro!

One of the perks of subscribing, besides three seasons of fabulous blooms outside your door, is that your two seasonal arrangements cost only $65 per shipment, plus tax applicable to your state.

If you just want to make a one-time purchase, your pair of arrangements costs $75, plus tax applicable to your state.

You are welcome to order as many planters as you'd like with each order. Just keep in mind that our planters are sold in sets of two. Our site will indicate if inventory isn't available.

If you're looking for more ways to bring fabulous plants and flowers into your life, let us know! Our team is always looking for new suggestions. Call or text us at 1-866-771-5349 with any ideas for new products or other ways we can make your Knock! Knock! experience better.

If I buy a gift card, can I choose when my arrangement ships and/or what season I receive? You cannot choose when your gifted arrangement is shipped at this time. This is because when you gift an arrangement directly, your recipient is automatically enrolled in the upcoming season's order, and delivery or ship timing is not dependent on when that season's arrangements are scheduled to ship. If you are purchasing a gift card for a friend or loved one, they are able to use the gift card to purchase whatever seasonal arrangement they prefer.

Your gifted arrangement is a one-time purchase, and therefore, will not automatically renew.

At this time, you are not able to include a customized gift message with a gifted arrangement or gift card.

Yes, you are able to add a planter to your gifted arrangement or gift card order.

Yes. Just make sure we have your friend’s address, so we can choose the best plants for the region. You can choose to give one, two, or three seasons.

Please contact our Knock! Knock! customer service team at 1-866-771-5349 to change the shipping address for a gifted arrangement.

No, they do not expire. You can enjoy beautiful blooms at any time!

We're more cuddle-up-by-the-cozy-fire types, so at this time we don't offer potted arrangements during the cold of winter.

Our experts are true botany nerds who make sure your plants aren't just beautiful on the outside, but that they have unique, sturdy genetics so they're super-easy to take care of once they get to your door. These experts are matchmakers, too. When they create your arrangement, in addition to style they're choosing plants with growth rates and bloom timing that complement each other.|Yes, Knock! Knock! is based in the United States. Get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

That's what our experts are for! They know everything there is to know about the climate and lighting that will make each plant happy. That's how they determine what arrangements will do best in every part of the country.

We provide two plant trays curated by our experts. Please note that your plants will not ship at full size. This allows for the plants reach to your door safely and ready to flourish.

You will need two planters 14-16” in diameter, potting mix to plant the trays, and plant food to keep your plants strong. We recommend Miracle Gro® Potting Mix and Miracle Gro® Plant Food for the best results.

Our plants spend their early days in greenhouses throughout the United States. Then each plant is matched to a front door in a growing location where it will thrive.

The clamshell containers the plants are shipped in are made from 100% recycled plastic and are recyclable. Check with your local community to determine whether they can be placed in your curbside collection bin or dropped off at a centralized location.